MATAV is the largest, most professional and leading nursing support organization in Israel.

MATAV specializes in providing and developing services for the elderly and services in the field of welfare.

MATAV employs 18,500 professional workers who provide services to more than 25,000 customers every day, by means of 50 service points spread out throughout the country.

Since its establishment in 1958 and till today, MATAV operates according to a system of social and professional values, which contributes to the uniqueness of the Association and results in its being the leading organization in its field.

MATAV adheres strictly to proper management and controlled financial proceedings.

MATAV Association provides its customers with a broad spectrum of nursing services and personalized solutions. We match to each and every customer the best nursing solution. Our care-givers are well trained and accompanied by professional and skilled staff of social workers and registered nurses In a tender conducted by the National Insurance Institute, MATAV Association was ranked first place for quality and professionalism from amongst all the nursing support and care companies and organizations.


MATAV Association operates out of a belief in the right of a person to choose to live in his own home and community with dignity and quality of life.
MATAV will continue to operate professionally and humanely towards its customers, while focusing on providing solutions for the elderly and their families.
MATAV aspires at being an involved, significant and influential factor in the community in which it operates and in Israeli society.
MATAV views the employees of the Association as the key to its success. The Association will continue to provide its employees with the knowledge, skills and professional tools to enable them to grant quality service to its customers.